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We Know Frogs Go


We Know Frogs Go (Jump Jump Went The Little Green Frog)

A silly song with actions.
This is a modern nursery rhyme of unknown origin that has many variations. It can also be sung to the tune of 'The Big Ship Sails on the Alley Alley Oh' with the 'Tra la la's' taking the place of the 'Alley oh's'.
You can add any animals you like for the following verses but for this version I chose a mouse, horse, rabbit and elephant.

There is also a version know as the mmm mmm frog or the mm ah frog, where instead of jumping, the frog says mm ah. The tra la la's can also be swapped for lardi daa's.

Video Credits:
Produced by Sarah Simi & Ed Hartwell (Woolly Vision)
Animation and Direction: Ed Hartwell
Art Direction: Sarah Simi
Animal puppets by Leeanne Bell, Sarah Simi and Ed Hartwell
Set elements by Laura Gardner (Little Egg Designs), Leeanne Bell, Sarah Simi and Ed Hartwell
Music performed by Gemma Storr and Steve Pretty
Recorded by Steve Pretty