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Goldilocks and the Three Families of Bears


Goldilocks and the Three Families of Bears

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This is an original song which I based on the story of "Goldilocks and the Three Bears". This was first published in narrative form by Robert Southey in 1837 and was based on an older story in the oral tradition. In the original Southey version, the bears are three male bears - Wee bear, Middle sized bear and Huge bear who are all visited by an old woman. The woman was replaced by a girl called "silver-hair" in an 1849 book by Joseph Cundall. She finally became known as Goldilocks in "Old Nursery Stories and Rhymes" (1904).
During the 1850's the bears evolved into a family and by 1878 in "Mother Goose's Fairy Tales" the bears are called Rough Bruin, Mammy Muff and Tiny.

This song introduces three new bear families to represent family life you might encounter in the world today. The panda baby bear has two Mums, the polar baby bear has two Dads and the brown baby bear has a Mum and a Dad.
Whether or not it is the same globe-trotting Goldilocks visiting each family or a different Goldilocks in each house, I will leave for you to decide.
- Ed Hartwell

Video Credits:
Produced by Sarah Simi & Ed Hartwell (Woolly Vision)
Animation and Direction: Ed Hartwell
Art Direction: Sarah Simi
Puppets: Caroline Bletsis & Sarah Simi
Set Elements and Props: Laura Gardner (Little Egg Designs) and Leeanne Bell
Goldilocks costume: Leeanne Bell
Song written by Ed Hartwell
Music performed by Gemma Storr
Recorded by Steve Pretty

Activity Pack makes and drawings by Carol Law

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